Time Machine is a dot matrix printer that, while it's turned on, uninterruptedly prints time minute by minute. The continuous feed paper accumulates in space, as a way of materializing the passage of time. Printed sheets of carbon paper are also generated and piled up at the device's back part, as a negative version of what can be seen from the front.


At a time when days and years run faster and faster the artwork suggests that we literally stop to watch time pass. The machine also reflects a commom condition to many working individuals of contemporary societies, functioning in an uninterrupted and bureaucratic way, in order to perform a single function and often aging in this circunstance.


Instead of the time machines from movies and books, always endowed with a character of fantasy and a certain trait of freedom, this Time Machine works to show the opposite bias.


:: Time Machine, 2017 - audiovisual installation composed by a dot matrix printer, raspberry single-board computer, continuous feed paper and concrete bricks.