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Things Take Time

Jp Accacio | Things Take Time, 2019

Televisor de tubo de dimensões variáveis exibindo em looping vídeo 640 x 480p com 1’00” de duração.

Jp Accacio | Things Take Time, 2019

Tube TV set with variable dimensions playing a 640 x 480p video with 1’00” on loop.


Distant Neighbors is a series of photographs taken at night that shown altered urban landscapes. The final works are assemblies comprising collages of fragments from different photographs that together composes one image.  


The work’s proposal is creating simulated ambiences and neighborhoods, bringing near environments that I see at distance, inhabited by neighbors that I’m not familiar with but that seem closer now, from the perspective of my far and lonely gaze. However, these approaches are distorted and impossible, given the way they are visually presented.


The redesigning of spaces on the series’ images draws a parallel with the current situation in which we live. A time of essential and fundamental reconfigurations and reviews.

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